The primary benefit of testing is:

I.  Preventing the creation of a defective product and / or making a deffect or damage during changing of product (focus on bugs' finding)

II. Improving of product quality - improve it (focus on bugs’ finding and change requests' creation)

III. Overview about the current status (error rate) of the product and its future development (focus on reporting)



In addition, if your company develops products for your customers, you can also use the outsourced services as a supplementary “business commodity” for which your client will ultimately pay.



We will not be able to comment on the price of our services until we have discussed all the input questions with you and have a comprehensive picture of the number, scope and complexity of your projects, your idea of ​​testing and test requirements as well as the number of testers and of course we will try to accept your budget too.

From our side, we are open to hourly or daily invoicing (the specific amount of which depends mainly on the guaranteed MOQ), project invoicing (for the whole project, for the test, ...), or a monthly flat rate as the equivalent of employee costs (FTE), so far, we and our clients consider this kind of coopeartion like the best.

As mentioned above, testing must not cost you anything at all, with a handy business strategy you can easily incorporate it into service packages for your clients and even earn.